[B] I upgayted my bike today. Isn’t she beautiful?

[B] I upgayted my bike today. Isn’t she beautiful?

Recruting Posters during WWI by Howard Chandler Christy

[K] I neither want to join the navy nor ‘fight’, but I’d be gladly recruited by these dashing ladies for other purposes … gay agenda anyone?

[B+K] Our awesome Orange is the New Black setup! There are only a few things better than Alex Vause on big Screen.

[B+K] Our awesome Orange is the New Black setup! There are only a few things better than Alex Vause on big Screen.

[K] Just something I stumbled upon while researching (less pretty, but supposedly more relevant) stuff.

Conchita Wurst, Eurovision and its LGBT history

[K] As every European witha great taste in pop culture and even greater tendency to surround myself with all things queer, I am - of course - a sucker for the yearly gaystravaganza known as the Eurovision Song Contest. Equally obvious: my extreme happiness that Conchita Wurst won (particularly with a song about vengence on discriminating assholes, count me in) and that even conservative-leaning people like my mom thought that was great. Not so great: the follow-up news coverage. I am not even talking about those weirdoes who think this is a sign that the ‘gender-confused' are talking over (hint: we're not confused, but we have already taken over), but actually those articles that seem to be genuinely excited about a bearded drag queen winning the ESC…  so excited in fact that they connect Conchita Wurst to Dana International, a transgender singer who won for Isreal in 1998; so excited, on the other hand, they can't wait til their homework is done before publishing their articles in which their forget to point to another LGBT milestone in Eurovision's history: Marija Šerifović’ win for Serbia in 2007.

I remember how the “aftershow-talkshow” hosts on German TV (the ‘finest’ of what Germany had to offer in terms of out gay men in the entertainment industry) railed against the song and the performance and the clothes and her looks and basically everything that had ‘spoiled’ their night, in which they had expected Verka Serduchka (a male drag/trash artists from the Ukraine) to win, Hence, I can’t say I am surprised that "Molitva" is neglected in the articles currently written on the ESC, I just thought I could do a little railing of my own against it in this little corner of the internet ;-) Enjoy!

Hair Crush: Natalie Maines

[B] Natalie Maines with short hair deserves to be mentioned in our category of lesbian hair crushes, which tends to be dominated by people and haircuts with shaved spots … just love it.

Out and Proud in Sochi 2014

[B] Austrian ski jumper Daniela Iraschko-Stolz is one of the few officially out athletes at this years olympics in Sochi and yesterday evening she won the silver medal. Congratulations!

She and her wife Isabell got married last year.

Which 'Orange Is the New Black' Character Are You?

[B] I knew it …

In case you are interested in

  • Sarah Paulson’s thoughts on underwear
  • what the back of Cher’s head smells like
  • the difficulty of spelling parmesan
  • why Jessica Lange deserves all of the awards
  • simply listening to Sarah Paulson for 90 minutes

(and really, how could you not be), it’s time to listen to this podcast of Sarah Paulson on "Suck the Joy," with special musical appearances by multiple guilty pleasures.

[EDIT: tumblr doesn’t seem to like the audio, so here’s the link instead as well as the iTunes-download-option.]

[B] Am I the only one mishearing ea’s slogan? At least I like this mondegreen.

[B] Am I the only one mishearing ea’s slogan? At least I like this mondegreen.
""And now there’s you," Signorina had said… So they must think Mlle Julie cares for me more than for Laura. Insensate thought!
No, not more. But she cares a little. And diffrerently.
Just as I cared for her differently.
And now I understood it was that difference I wanted."

From Olivia, a semi-biographical account of life at an all-girl French boarding school (lots of wish-fullfillment in those few words) published anonymously by Dorothy Strachey in 1949 (but written in 1933).

Similarly to Mädchen in Uniform the (very short) novel recounts the growing passion of a young student, Olivia, for her not-quite-disinterested-yet-unavailable teacher, Mlle Julie. Crucial - and highly entertaining - differences between Winsloe’s story and Strachey’s include

  • Mlle Julie doesn’t reject Olivia, like it is implied Fräulin von Bernburg does, because she thinks loving women is a horrible sin which should be avoided at all costs, but … because she is in a relationship with her school’s other headmistress
  • said other head mistress, however, is ‘seduced’ into mistrust for Mlle Julie by a new teacher who wants her all for herself and so alludes to
  • Mlle Julie’s supposedly frequent affairs with some of the female staff members as well as several former and current students
  • among them above mentioned “Laura”, who some have claimed to be (this is semi-autobiographical, after all) none other than Eleanor Roosevelt!
  • who actually went to the school of Mlle. Marie Souvestre, on whom Mlle Julie is based. Other pupils of Mlle Marie Souvestre? (This is just getting better) Natalie Barney.
  • and the icing on the cake: Olivia is dedicated to Virginia Woolf.

If you’re still putting together your Christmas wishlist, how about adding the pulp edition of this Virginia-Woolf-dedicated, Eleanor-Roosevelt-alluding, real-life-account of L Word-worthy trials and tribulations of an all-girl-boarding school? Or rather an application form for that school?

[B] Glitter, glamour, Lauren as brunette and Vex in high heels … oh my … I’m just glad Lost Girl is back.

Lost Girl - Season 4 Teaser

Ahh this is … definetly making me speechless. Can’t wait!