Best of: Women in Suits

[K] It doesn’t have to be tuxedos, but it doesn’t hurt either: my highly subjective list of films with the best cross-dressing by women ([B]: feel free to disagree!). Whether played for laughs, for drama, or simply because they’re looking damn fine, a woman in a well-tailored suit is always a good reason to grab some popcorn and and slouch in the ouch.

Inspired by watching Viola Di Mare last night, I thought you, too, might appreciate some gender-bending flicks for coming movie nights.

From top left:

Yentl - the mother of all “I need to pass as a man to fulfill my dreams”-dramas. More importantly though: for a very straight girl with the very earnest intention of marrying Avigdor, Hadass was pretty happy with/excited about Yentl/Anshel.

Tipping the Velvet - I’m pretty sure you know all about the reasons to watch this.

Viola di Mare - same basic (“fulfill my dreams” kinda) idea as Yentl, just more drama (yes, even more) and more sex scenes, since here all the participants are very aware of the cross-dresser’s private parts. Especially sweet is the wedding night, in which it takes the film approximately 10 seconds to debunk that age-old myth about one being “the guy” in a lesbian relationship - despite the fact that in this case one of the women actually has to dress/work like a guy. That alone should be reason enough to want to watch it (again).

Victor/Victoria - Julie Andrews, musical numbers, tuxedos. Should suffice as reasons.

Twelth Night, or: What You Will - in which a prince sends a young girl dressed as her brother to woo Helene Bonham Carter. She reacts much like Yentl’s wife: she likes the stand-in better. Plus: it’s Shakespeare.

(If I forgot you’re all-time favorite, please let me know. Buying DVDs is among my favorite pastimes.)

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