Lesbians, Nuns, and Lesbian Nuns

[K] Please don’t ask us, how we came up with this topic… I have absolutely NO idea… it might have had something to do with the immensily underrated masterpiece Bitch Slap! (exclamation mark not mine) and a question [B] asked me about its feminits value, but how it developed from there, I don’t know.

P!nk with a nun

That’s not helping, but it’s pretty

Anyway, the thing is, Bitch Slap! has Xena and Gabrielle Lucy Lawless and Reneé O’Connor reunited as, you guessed it, nuns- their awesome, albeit brief scene additionaly features a short instance of girl-on-girl-goodness. This then reminded me of a scene The L Word offered for our viewing pleasure back in Season 3, and following that Google and my memory just ran with that. It turned out there seems to be a trend, I’d even go so far as to say, (media) obsession with the conflation, interconnection, and overall combination of, yes, lesbians and nuns. Here’s a (I assume) small sample of such film/TV highlights:

The classic…Sister George and two surprised nuns in a cab… it takes so little to make memorable movie scenes.

Ellen as nun… there’s also cheesecake, which is always a good thing.

As mentioned above, The L Word way back when it still used its pre-opening title-segment to tell some kind of historical story arch/make a political point/confuse my little lesbian-representation-starved self.

The scene that started it all (and by ‘all’ I mean: me usurping [B]’s Macbook and google-ing away, while yelling at her for not being familiar with either The Sound of Music OR Victor/Victoria, because duh, Julie Andrews plays a nun in one, and is a lesbian icon because of the other, and some even claim she is a lesbian nun in the first and had a lesbian affair in real life… ahem, where was I?)

Cover Lesbian Nuns

“If, in this pantheon of good versus bad women, the patriarchy said, ‘well lesbians are bad and nuns are good’, I am here to tell you that the good girls and the bad girls are the same girls,” she continues. “And this is true not just of us, but of women in general. We are complex. And multi-faceted. And can’t be pigeonholed into a stereotype.”

It’s officially a thing… even actual lesbian posterchild Jill Bennet attests to it in the shortlived (but kinda awesome) web series 3Way. That’s a lot of evidence, but I’m sure there’s more. If you have any additional clips/hints etc.: sharing is caring.

But even more importantly: if you can make sense of all this, if you can actually tell me, why lesbians are fascinated by nuns and people are fascinated by lesbian nuns, if there is a Ph.D. thesis on that topic (fellow grad school lesbians, don’t disappoint me here), PLEASE enlighten me.

Cheers, [K]

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